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Paintings and sculptures

White Sand

White Sand
Year 2017
type Paintings and sculptures

Valentinaki's art series "White Sand" celebrates the imperfect perfection of nature embodied in the oyster shell, while using the color white as a symbol of purification. Through her art, artist invites us to embrace the beauty in imperfection and aspire to spiritual transcendence

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Art Shows

group show “Black & White” – ARCGallery – Monza, Italy

group show “Black & White” – ARCGallery – Monza, Italy

group show “Shade of White” – Hernandez Art Gallery – Milan, Italy

solo show «Into The White» – Ancient Oratory of the Passion, Basilica of Sant’Ambrogio –


Milan, Italy

Art critique

by Marco de Crescenzo

In order to truly capture the essence of Valentinaki's art, one must delve into her world of emotions and images. Her art is not simply a matter of material and abstract research, nor is it solely focused on the study of materials, experimentation with color and form. Instead, it originates from tactile sensations and, above all, a kaleidoscope of visions. Through the use of color and material, her creative process gives shape and concretizes images and structures. Valentinaki's installation paintings have a profound impact on those who behold them. Each time they are viewed, they offer a different conceptual framework, details, and visual planes that vary according to the light, context, and mood. While her debut collection, "Black Sand," was influenced by memories and images collected from the desolate beaches of the Baltic Sea (Valentinaki was born in Riga, Latvia, but has been living in Milan for years), her new collection takes on a search for perfect introspection, leaning heavily towards the color white. Valentinaki views white as a color that encompasses all emotions and impulses of the soul. It represents a integration with the material, particularly with white shells and oysters, which are distinctive elements of her painting. In this new series, oysters take on new meanings, creating figures that give dimension to white, representing a sort of primordial and generative fracture, or simply serving as an ornament and contour to emphasize the power of perfect color. The dialogue in Valentinaki's art takes on greater strength and significance in the location of her exhibition at the Antico Oratorio della Passione of the Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio in Milan. The contrast between Valentinaki's whites and the history of the walls and architectural decorations of the oratory creates a fascinating and impactful juxtaposition. Her art offers an abstract and emotional journey towards essentiality, towards absolute white, towards the infinite possibilities of her art
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