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Liquid Blue

Liquid Blue
year 2023
type paintings, sculptures, installations
"Liquid Blue" is a striking art project that explores the relationship between society and the natural world through the lenses of water and "liquid modernity." Through a series of mesmerizing artworks, Valentinaki captures the fluidity and transience of water, while also critiquing the destabilizing effects of constant change and uncertainty. The project invites viewers to contemplate the interplay between natural and social forces that shape our world and reflects on the meaning and purpose of our lives
Artworks of this series took part in:
2023 – upcoming solo show «Liquid Blue» – Espinasse31 Art Gallery – Milan, Italy
2022 – group show «Art&Design» – Espinasse31 Art Gallery – Milan, Italy
2022 – art installation «Liquid Blue» – Villa Camperio – Villasanta, Italy
2018 – solo show, art installation «Liquid Blue» – San Celso – Milan, Italy
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Art critique

Marco de Crescenzo

"Liquid Blue" is a remarkable art project that offers a profound meditation on the relationship between society and the natural world, as seen through the dual lenses of the "liquid modernity" of Zygmunt Bauman and the fluid substance of water. Valentinaki has achieved a remarkable synthesis of these two concepts, creating a body of work that is both visually stunning and intellectually challenging. At the heart of "Liquid Blue" is a deep appreciation for the power and beauty of water, which is captured in a series of striking and evocative artworks. Using a range of techniques, the artist has created a mesmerizing collection of pieces that highlight the fluidity and transience of water in all its forms, from serene lakes to tumultuous seas. Each artwork is suffused with a sense of motion and change, inviting viewers to contemplate the endless cycles of transformation that shape our world. Yet "Liquid Blue" is not simply an ode to the natural world; it is also a powerful critique of the social and cultural forces that shape our lives. Inspired by the ideas of Zygmunt Bauman, Valentinaki explores the concept of "liquid modernity" and its impact on contemporary society. Through her art, the artist has captured the disorienting and destabilizing effects of this fluidity, showing how our world is characterized by constant change and uncertainty. This tension between the natural and social worlds is at the heart of "Liquid Blue," and it is one of the project's most powerful themes. Through her art, Valentinaki invites us to contemplate the ways in which we are shaped by the forces around us, both natural and human-made. She shows us the beauty and fragility of the natural world, but also the complexity and ambiguity of the social world, encouraging us to ask deep and difficult questions about the meaning and purpose of our lives. In the end, "Liquid Blue" is a masterful work of art that defies easy categorization. It is a meditation on the nature of existence itself, a profound reflection on the interplay between the natural and social worlds, and a stunning visual journey into the heart of the liquid modernity that defines our age